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Bible Study

Twice a month on Tuesday evenings we gather to study Scripture and to discuss what God is doing in our lives. It all goes back to one of the earliest practices of Methodism: the class meeting. 

In the early days of Methodism (before the United Methodist Church even existed!), class meetings were held regularly so that members of the Methodist church could hold one another accountable, encourage one another in the faith, and grow in their knowledge and love of God through an increased understanding of Scripture. Although Bible studies can take many forms, we have returned to our roots in making Bible study a chance to grow and change through the deepening of our love for God's Word.

Bible study at IUMC can happen in a number of ways. In some seasons, we will gather each week to examine a particular book of the Bible and learn more about its background (the context in which it was written, its original intended audience, and so on) and its content. These studies are for the purpose of developing our own theological understanding so we can better defend the faith and answer questions about Scripture when they're presented to us.

Other times, this takes place through studying the work of modern day pastors and theologians. Although these are not regarded with the same level of authority as we give to Scripture, they can still be profitable for learning and instruction.

Whatever your familiarity with the Bible may be - whether minimal or extensive - we would love to have you with us as we gather together to study God's Word.

Current Study: 
Beginning in August we will begin a new study lead by Pastor Cindy.
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