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Every church needs faithful members to lead the congregation in worship. If you have the gift of singing and would like to use it to the glory of God, we would love to have you join us as a part of our church choir!

We sing from the United Methodist Hymnal each week, accompanied on piano by the very talented Mrs. Mary Jane Henderson. Choir members vary in age from their teens to well into adulthood, so all are welcome (and encouraged!) to be a part of this essential element of our services.

The choir meets Sunday mornings at 10:45 for a quick run-through of our music before the service. In the spring and fall, the choir also meets for practice at 8:00 Wednesday evenings to brush up on music and learn new songs as well. 

We are currently prayerfully searching for a Choir Director to be in charge of the choir on Sunday mornings and to conduct Wednesday practices. This position is currently on hold because of COVID-19 but if you feel like this would be a place for you feel free to get in touch with the church through this website, by phone (270)547-3502, or through Facebook.

Is God moving you to become a part of the choir? We invite you to sing with us, and can't wait to make a joyful noise together!

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