Throughout Church history, it has been the practice of the Christian community to train up the next generation of believers in the traditions, beliefs, and practices of the faith. Today, this takes place in the form of what we call Confirmation.

Intended for youth anywhere from 11-15 years of age, Confirmation gives youth a safe place to ask questions about the faith. This is their time to figure out what Christianity is all about and to make a commitment to both Jesus Christ and the local church. At the end of their Confirmation journey, youth will have the chance to decide to join the church as official members, should they wish to do so.

Confirmation is intended to demonstrate the seriousness of the commitment that we make to God in choosing to follow Him. As such, only two sessions can be missed in the entirety of the period during which Confirmation is held

Confirmation at Irvington United Methodist Church is a 15 week commitment and takes place after youth group on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30. The classes are timed to end at Easter, when membership vows have been made according to the tradition of the Church.

Classes will start January 9, 2019. We will also offer a New Testament survey starting August 22, 2018, in order to get students more familiar with the New Testament and its teachings. The New Testament survey is entirely optional, but very beneficial to the overall Confirmation journey as it gets students more familiar with the scriptures.

To purchase the book for the upcoming Confirmation classes, click here.

To purchase the book for the New Testament classes, click here.