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Cooking Group

When He walked with us in the flesh, Jesus made a point of meeting the physical needs of the people in addition to meeting their spiritual needs. All the beautiful sermons in the world sound very hollow when our bellies are empty.

Started as an outreach method, the cooking group gathers once a month to provide meals to those in need.

We gather together to read a devotional, reflect on God's Word, and prepare a meal together that will be distributed to our church members who can no longer come due to advanced age or other circumstances, or any others we may know of who could use a nice meal.

This ministry will eventually be an integral part of the success of our recovery housing. As a way to bless those who are working toward their sobriety, some of the meals prepared at cooking group will be distributed to residents of the home.

The ability to cook is something so many of us take for granted, and yet such a simple act can prove to be an immense blessing to another. The blessing of giving food to another is something that could be a huge benefit to those who find it a struggle to prepare food. If you find that this is a way to use your gifts and talents to serve, we would love for you to join with us in this group!

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