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Irvington Mission Center

The Mission Center is not a ministry run specifically by IUMC; rather, it is a cooperative effort between all of the churches in the Irvington area. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, members of the area churches gather together to serve the people of the community here. The Mission Center exists to meet the needs of those in the community who would otherwise go without.

Several IUMC members are involved with the activities of the Mission Center, but we are only a small part of the efforts that are put forth in serving through this ministry. If you believe God may be calling you to get involved in serving His Kingdom in this way, we would be glad to help you get connected!

In order to serve at the Mission Center, there are a few requirements that have been agreed upon by the area churches:

1) All volunteers must conduct themselves in Christlike ways. We are to have Christian attitudes and Christian practices.

2) Volunteers must be actively involved in a local church (does NOT have to be IUMC or WUMC) at least two times a month. 

3) Volunteers must keep a watchful eye on items sold, because:

  • as a ministry, everything we sell is a direct reflection of Christ.

  • as a ministry, the items we sell say something about us as well.

  • as a ministry, everything we sell should be something we would be fine to give to Christ if He were in front of us.

4) Volunteers all have ministries of their own. We, as Christ followers, are all ministers and should behave as such!

5) Volunteers are to have non-judgmental, uncomplaining attitudes with both patrons and other volunteers.

6) Volunteers must maintain trustworthy practices.

  • Confidentiality is a must. If a patron wishes to share their burdens with us, they do so in confidence.

  • As always, exercise discernment. If a patron shares that they are in a troublesome situation that could result in harm to themselves or to others, these do need to be shared with a minister. Know when to defer to someone who can help!

  • Must be trusted and willing to handle money. The Mission Center uses proceeds from sold goods to help those in need. 

If God is moving in your heart to have you serve at the Mission Center, feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to seeing how God will use your labor for His Kingdom!

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