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Prayer Group

"God does nothing except in response to believing prayer." -John Wesley

Often overlooked the first few times one visits IUMC, one room in the building has been dedicated as a prayer room for anyone who wishes to talk with God about those burdens that may be on their hearts. Many have found this to be a powerful place of surrender and humility before God in their times of trouble, and it serves as a place where the presence of the Spirit often falls on His people.

On Sunday mornings at both Webster and Irvington, time is set aside in the services to receive the prayer concerns and praises of the people. On Tuesday mornings at 9:00, we pray over each request individually and ask for the Spirit to move in a mighty way on behalf of those lifted up in prayer. 

You do not have to be well-spoken in order to attend prayer time (our pastor sure isn't!). All you need is a broken heart and a repentant spirit; it's all God asks, and it's all we hope for.

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